7 Types Of Plants To Buy To Grow Indoors In Apartments

Plants have many advantages for rooms and health. These have wonderful benefits and can make stylish natural decorations. These are restorative and are able to filter the oxygen in rooms. These can facilitate the respiratory procedure with the process of photosynthesis. In apartments, which are small spaces, growing plants can be a big problem. If you want to buy plants online in Delhi, here are 7 of the best ones to go for.

Fishtail Fern

An evergreen plant, it can make for a green natural decoration through the year. These plants are amazing substitutes for other plants, as these require a small amount of daylight. The need for water for these plants is normal, and thus these can easily be maintained. Such plants can purify the air and are helpful for restoring the indoor environment.

Aloe Vera

This type of plant survives when there is enough light but not too much water. These are called ‘Virtuoso’ plants as these make the home stylish, excellent and perfect – all at the same time. These multipurpose plants are widely known, and can be grown in the Indian climate in an easy way. All that you need to do is just leave the plant by the window in a sun-soaked area.

Peace Lily

With this plant, you can ensure stylish decoration and improve the quality of indoor air. No daylight is needed. The plants can easily be cultured and grown. These are safe from dry weather spells and can adjust themselves to less watered conditions. You do not have to pamper such plants with any special treatment. The plants can sprout fully during the spring season that lasts for about a couple of months. You can buy plants online in Gurgaon from gardening products website and get them at a deal, thus saving a lot of money in the process.


The herb blossoms to emit a sweet smell, can repel insects or pests and improve the stylistic themes of homes even more than what other plants can ensure. These love sunlight and can be kept in a sunny area in the home space.

Indian Basil

Also known by the name ‘Tulsi’, it is a very popular medicinal plant in India that has been mentioned in Ayurveda. It is regarded as a solid treatment for daily debilities. This plant can easily be developed and can grow well during daytime, when there is abundant sunlight. These can be wonderful decorative plants to keep by the window.

Lady’s’ Slipper Orchid

This plant is unable to bear direct daylight and can bring forth many beautiful blossoms. It is due to these reasons that these make amazing indoor plants. You have to water these plants consistently and in small amounts throughout the year. These plants can add style and energy to home spaces.

Grape Ivy

These make terrific air purifiers, and can be a fantastic expansion to the stylish design of your house. The plants can last despite minimal watering, dry air and low light. It works as a fantastic natural air purifier.

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