How Handling and Transport Influence Case Performance?

If you find yourself in need of shipping highly important or sensitive equipment, you would be advised to choose the most suitable transit case, protective case or packing case based on your equipment and its specific nature and dimensions.

However, two equally important factors to consider in this regard are the aspects of handling and transport, which also play a crucial role in getting your coveted equipment to its destination safe and hassle-free.

To this end, this post will discuss the importance of these two aspects and shed some light as to how they influence case performance.

The transport aspect of the shipping of your equipment largely depends on the size of the equipment. If you are looking at shipping smaller goods ranging from a few grams to a few kilos, chances are that the case will be shipped by courier.

During this process, the protective case will likely be loaded and offloaded onto a series of courier trucks and other courier vehicles manually, and if it is of the sensitive nature, then there is a high likelihood that the case may face damage as a result of human negligence.

Apart from this, there is also the chance that the case can drop, bounce around or tumble at the back of the trunk as there are usually no measures taken to avoid this from happening. This leaves the case vulnerable to damage on any side, edge or corner.

Larger items, on the other hand, are likely to be shipped by pallet trucks or forklifts which are specifically designed to handle items of this weight category. However, its safety depends on the ability and experience of the forklift operator as there are still lots of things that can go wrong.

For instance, when a large case is being lowered by using a forklift, the odds are that one edge or corner of the case is likely to make contact with the ground first, thereby leaving it vulnerable to substantial damage. Also, taller cases with a lesser base volume are also prone to tip over and this will result in substantial damage as well.

This particular aspect, in the simplest terms, refers to how the case will be held and moved around from Point A to Point B and this aspect as well depends. on the size of the case to a large extent.

Smaller cases are likely to be carried by one or two individuals and there is always the possibility of rough handling or worse, dropping of the cases. The risk is even greater when two or more people are involved, as even a lack of co-ordination between them leaves the case vulnerable to damage.

Larger cases, as mentioned earlier, are likely to be handled by forklifts. Now suppose your case is about a hundred kilos are lesser, chances are that it will be placed on a pallet and it is worth noting that the cases may not always be strapped onto the pallet, which means that there is a possibility of the case falling off the pallet whilst in the air.

There is also the likelihood that the forklift operator may lower the case too soon and not close enough to the ground (there exists a general rule of about 8-12 inches of drop height depending on the size of the case.

So in this way, the handling and transport aspects play a vital role in hassle-free delivery. To ensure that you are immune to any such probable damage, you could use Aquatech Cases, which is the premier transit case manufacturer in India.

Aquatech protective cases are subject to all kinds of drop tests, bump tests and vibration tests that ensures durability so that your equipment is delivered safe and hassle-free irrespective of human or machine error while shipping.

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Three Ways To Gain From the Globalized Economy

The advent of technology is perhaps one of the most identifiable features of the 21st century. This technological advancement has improved the quality of lives in many and varied ways. Industries are expanding in their production capacities while traditional jobs like Accounting, Law are radically redefined.

In the business world, technology has led to what has come to be known as globalization. Though globalization has political dimensions, the economic dimensions have been more pronounced.

A market is no longer defined by physical space. In this kind of space, many companies can now put their business online and advertise their products and services even to people they will never see, and in places, they will never tread. This means for example, that a company in America is not merely competing in America but literally, it is competing with every fellow company in every part of the world. IS this a positive or negative consequence? It depends on how you react to it. If you are the market leader (on top of the competition), it is positive. On the other hand, if you are being thumped out by competitors from outside, it is negative.

So how do you survive in this globalized economy?

The days of being a generalist are over

With increased competition and supply across the world, it is becoming more and more difficult to succeed in a business or individual career path by being a generalist. Specialization does not just help to define your brand; it gives you a lot of expertise in a particular field or business line that leads to the economics of scale and learning curve advantages.

When you are known as an expert in a particular product or service line, customers tend to put more trust in your abilities, and your name is on everyone’s lips in that particular area. As the world market expands and technology continues to redefine and enlarge everything, chasing many rabbits may be dangerous as you can lose them all. And in this case, what is gained provides better and greater satisfaction.

As Corbett Barr observed, “Being a specialist is about discipline, and generalists find this kind of discipline hard to come by. But you have to be an expert in something or a handful of things, if you expect to charge top rates, land the coveted jobs, or create the next hot product”( ). What was his advice?

“The intersection of the two is where the magic happens. Become an expert and a generalist at the same time, and you’ll be unstoppable. And here’s the ironic part: once you become an expert at something, your generalist skills will be more valuable than ever. The expertise gets your foot in the door. It makes you valuable and opens opportunities. Once you land the opportunities, you can embrace your generalist nature all you want.”

Let the improvement of yourself keep you busy

Every line of business and profession is going through radical improvements, and those who gain from these are those who know how to be on top of developments and quickly adapt to them. Marketing is redefined by Social media, content marketing, and many other developments and to be a 21st-century marketer requires consistent learning, unlearning and engagement with the newest trends to position your business and yourself as market leaders and industry experts

“Change is your friend, not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.” -Simon T. Bailey

As we observe all the changes around us, they offer new opportunities to grow, to learn, to expand. Those who get the best out of the globalized economy are those who remain on top of the massive changes we see all around.

Remember, you are not an island.

As business processes become more complex, there is a greater need for collaboration. A group of experts coming together to build a business empire and the next great innovation is the reality that we see today. To build a successful online business require the services of a web designer, a marketer, a content expert, a social media marketing expert, a copywriter, analytics, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert.

There are wide varieties of expertise across the board, and business success, as well as personal success, depends more on collaboration than competition. Choose your niche, become an expert and work together with fellow experts to build a global empire

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7 Types Of Plants To Buy To Grow Indoors In Apartments

Plants have many advantages for rooms and health. These have wonderful benefits and can make stylish natural decorations. These are restorative and are able to filter the oxygen in rooms. These can facilitate the respiratory procedure with the process of photosynthesis. In apartments, which are small spaces, growing plants can be a big problem. If you want to buy plants online in Delhi, here are 7 of the best ones to go for.

Fishtail Fern

An evergreen plant, it can make for a green natural decoration through the year. These plants are amazing substitutes for other plants, as these require a small amount of daylight. The need for water for these plants is normal, and thus these can easily be maintained. Such plants can purify the air and are helpful for restoring the indoor environment.

Aloe Vera

This type of plant survives when there is enough light but not too much water. These are called ‘Virtuoso’ plants as these make the home stylish, excellent and perfect – all at the same time. These multipurpose plants are widely known, and can be grown in the Indian climate in an easy way. All that you need to do is just leave the plant by the window in a sun-soaked area.

Peace Lily

With this plant, you can ensure stylish decoration and improve the quality of indoor air. No daylight is needed. The plants can easily be cultured and grown. These are safe from dry weather spells and can adjust themselves to less watered conditions. You do not have to pamper such plants with any special treatment. The plants can sprout fully during the spring season that lasts for about a couple of months. You can buy plants online in Gurgaon from gardening products website and get them at a deal, thus saving a lot of money in the process.


The herb blossoms to emit a sweet smell, can repel insects or pests and improve the stylistic themes of homes even more than what other plants can ensure. These love sunlight and can be kept in a sunny area in the home space.

Indian Basil

Also known by the name ‘Tulsi’, it is a very popular medicinal plant in India that has been mentioned in Ayurveda. It is regarded as a solid treatment for daily debilities. This plant can easily be developed and can grow well during daytime, when there is abundant sunlight. These can be wonderful decorative plants to keep by the window.

Lady’s’ Slipper Orchid

This plant is unable to bear direct daylight and can bring forth many beautiful blossoms. It is due to these reasons that these make amazing indoor plants. You have to water these plants consistently and in small amounts throughout the year. These plants can add style and energy to home spaces.

Grape Ivy

These make terrific air purifiers, and can be a fantastic expansion to the stylish design of your house. The plants can last despite minimal watering, dry air and low light. It works as a fantastic natural air purifier.

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Ways to Raise Venture Capital to Start a New Business

Centuries back there was a time when people used to exchange goods for their livelihood and there was no money to buy things, known by the name of, “Barter System”. There was no buying or selling during those days. If you want “Wheat” and you had “Pulses” you could very well exchange the same with the vendor who had “Wheat” by negotiating a deal with him for exchange.

Then came an era when people starting working for others to earn money to run their livelihood. This further developed into Jobs from Government and Private Sector.

Now is the time when everyone enchants to open his own venture owing to establish something of his own and develop an empire which manifolds into a profitable venture as said “The Best income is even when you are sleeping the investment grows”.

An Idea of yours in today’s scenario can create a ripple effect which can change the lives of many. Very live examples are organisation like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google which started with a very small idea and from a room and have created an empire which inspires the Entrepreneur’s to create a Value Addition not only for them through Profit but for the Society too.

Many Starts up have started mushrooming in India now with many business ideas but they lack the rock bottom things and fail even though the business idea is too great. Inspite of the fact that they have best of people, knowledge, resources, ideas available to them but still they have tumbled. Very Live Example is Organisation like Snapdeal etc.

An Idea Flourishes when you have the Business Idea pitched to the Right People with Right Knowledge with effective and strong persuasion skills to invest money with the returns they would be getting. Firstly the Entreprenuer himself needs to be convinced that it is a great and a profitable Venture.

Second Important Thing which Start up lack is Hiring the Right and Suitable Candidates. Branding Institutes like IIM /IITs do bring in good resources but they cost very heavily to the organisation. Its always essential to hire people with experience rather than branding institutes. Experience people turn around organisation as they know how to manage crisis, success of an idea comes with experience and experience comes with learning, you know how to turn failures as these people have already experienced it.

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Small Business Marketing – The Basics

Small business marketing is increasingly complex. The online environment changes rapidly so it is important to remember the basics of marketing. That is focus on the needs of the customer.

Profile Your Target Customer

Who is your ideal customer, what do they buy, why do they need those products or services, and why do they buy from you? Most businesses serve several market segments, each with different requirements. So it is important to identify those segments and build a customer profile for each.

Decide How To Reach Your Customer

What are the best ways to reach identified customers and market segments? It may be the best route is offline but more likely the most efficient and cost-effective method will be online marketing. Research what methods target customers use to source information. It may be via search engine queries, or possibly social media, or online publications. Whatever route is best, target your efforts on those mediums.

Be Found

There is little point in having a website if it is not found when a prospect types a relevant search term into one of the major search engines. Statistics show that over 90% of prospects never go beyond page 1 when looking for information. The same argument applies to social media. With any online marketing tool, the objective is to be found.

Build A Relationship

Once found, only a small percentage of prospects will make an immediate purchase. A much larger proportion will keep coming back to learn more and will buy in the future. Once a prospect lands on an online communication channel the objective is to start to build a relationship and credibility to achieve a sale in the medium to long term.


A relationship is of little use if it does not ultimately convert to a sale. So it is important to lead prospects down a path and specifically tell them what you suggest they do (calls to action). The process may include securing a prospect Email address (perhaps in return for a valuable download) to facilitate ongoing dialogue.

The key to small business marketing success then is to start with the customer. With the customer defined, deliver the information they need and develop a relationship that ultimately results in a sale. It is important to make sure the message goes out via a method that is most likely to be read and engaged with. Don’t be invisible, forget the marketing hype and focus on the basics.

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